“Kaizen-DYNA” is an application which is built to help LS DYNA software users across the world. Kaizenat Technologies Pvt Ltd(KTPL) is a leading LSDYNA support partner for the LS DYNA users.

This powerful application helps LSDYNA users across the world to stay connected and also help each other’s with their knowledge. KTPL also introduced a reward program for the active users who are helping their connections by offering right answers to the questions. This application also gives an opportunity for the employers to float their LSDYNA job openings and alert its users base with a notification. “Kaizen-DYNA” quiz program can help LSDYNA users to update their knowledge score and trend top in the job seekers list. It also gives an opportunity for new users to learn LS-DYNA with training materials & FAQ modules. This application also brings latest news about LS-DYNA & some useful general information. User are also encouraged to invite their contacts & earn reward coupons

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For more information on LSDYNA & Kaizenat Technologies Pvt Ltd, please visit www.kaizenat.com